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Ghosts at Buchanan Log House

The Buchanan Log House is no stranger to paranormal teams requesting access to document activity at the home. In fact, the house has held a handful of ghost tours and public investigations over the years. In August 2023, our resident paranormal team NightSong Paranormal investigated the home and their evidence strongly corroborates the theory of paranormal activity happening within the home and on the grounds.


Documented evidence included intelligent responses on audio recording devices after the team witnessed the curio cabinet door opening on its own in the kitchen. There were various interactions with the team’s paranormal equipment throughout the home. The team also documented intelligent responses from who they suspect is James, Lucinda, Matthew, and a small child. The team captured a voice of what they believe is Lucinda saying “hello” and confirming her love of lilacs. They also captured recordings of who they feel is James playfully whistling and giving a light touch to the team founder when asked. However, the most extraordinary evidence was that of a wispy apparition walking across the yard.


You can view the entire video of documented evidence from this investigation here:


NightSong Paranormal will be hosting a handful of public ghost hunts and other activities at the home and grounds. Subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on social media to stay up to date on their current events.




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