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Fact finding on events prior to James Buchanan death in 1841 takes great skill and patience and, even then, there are history gaps (see below).

Research is even more complicated when the only supporting evidence may be a few words hinting at a clue in a 1841 Will inventory or 1787 Land Deed.

Below are some examples where we need more information on a couple interesting family notes. If you can add any details or dates, please send us your comments.

Do you have some Buchanan history to share?

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#1. James Sr owned a mill 

There is evidence (a old photo and court records) that substantiate a Buchanan mill was built and operated on McCrory Creek -- still need to know where and how it served the community,

#2. James helped his father run 'Archy's ferry' on Stones River

In 1788 the Davidson county Court ordered Archibald Buchanan to keep a ferry on Stones River where the "publick" road crosses. Was this deemed logical because this spot was included in Archibald's Stones River land grant? And his son-in-law Andrew Steel, owned the property on the other side as the ferry landing (in 1804, Andrew sold this landing to Archibald's son, James).


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