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Sustaining Members

Mill Creek Baptist Church  |  Mrs. Lu Whitworth  |  James A. and Regina H. Crutchfield  | Sam Crutchfield  |  Don & Darlyne Kent  |  Amanda & Brad McMahan   

Unwaivering Commitment

Buchanan Log House is a "living history" of Donelson and Nashville and has played this role for more than two hundred years. It is a family's history, architectural history, and Tennessee archeological history.


Our mission is to make this rich heritage vibrant, engaging, and accessible to residents and visitors alike. We do this through free tours, public events, learning programs, and offering meeting space. Future plans include more hands-on programs, 

We are grateful to our many generous, long-standing partners, We couldn't do it without you!

Join Us! Keep History Alive! 

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Our Longtime Sponsors

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Another strong Buchanan Log House supporter, year in and year out. Please let them know how much we appreciate this!

Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities

The mission of the BLH Chapter is to promote and encourage active participation in the preservation

of the Donelson-Hermitage area's rich historic, cultural, architectural, and archeological heritage through restoration, education, advocacy and area wide cooperation.

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