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Buchanan Log House is a living exhibit if you know what to look for.

Watch for:

  1. giant rare (now extinct) American Chestnut logs

  2. architectural evolution (modernization over time)

  3. hand-wrought iron nails (look for square nail heads)

  4. hand-quarried limestone foundation blocks

  5. chinking and daubing (pale filling between logs)

  6. round pegs at log joints instead of nails

  7. beautiful 4" wide hardwood window casings

  8. imagine 2 parents and 8 children in the original 2 rooms

  9. low door knobs (for shorter people)

  10. hand-carved emblem in upstairs fireplace stone


A helpful explanation of frontier

building techniques and terms - click here


Meet Here

Being a national landmark brings some unique aspects. We know you and your guests will enjoy our beautiful historical site, and only ask that you do so with respect.
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