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original 1807 upstairs buchanan log house
original 1807 buchanan log house
buchanan smoke house

Current Projects RESTORATION

Log Preservation Is An Ongoing Priority

Log building construction was first brought to America by Northern and Central European colonists. Finnish and Swedish settlers. And, due to their distinct material, physical structure, and sometimes their architectural design, log homes can develop their own unique deterioration problems.

Preserving historic buildings is crucial to retaining our nation’s heritage and history. As one of the earliest log structures built in Middle Tennessee, the materials and techniques used are over 200 years old which requires more thought when it comes to maintenance and repair needs.

Visual evidence tells us that the Buchanan log house was constructed the high craftsmanship and materials for its time. It rests on solid unmortared limestone; the logs are half-dovetail notched; and exterior gable-end chimneys are more limestone.

The original 1807 house had additions added in 1820 and 1900 so maintenance planning has to consider where materials and techniques changed along its 200-year-old lifetime.

Repair daubing projects work to replace the chinking and daubing between logs on every Buchanan building on the grounds.

Stone Maintenance

Repointing projects work to replace the original mortar between rocks where it has deteriorated causing moisture damage.

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Preserving Exhibits


Time, moisture, sun, even our breathe and touch can have harsh effects on wooden furniture, fragile fabrics, wallpaper, and historical papers - let alone traffic on floors. These all need special care.


Addressing modern intrusions


With 200 years as a private residence, time and technology moved forward. Over time, and as expected, of plumbing, AC, heating, and electricity has been introduced to the Buchanan log house. Each has left its impact that only hindsight can say is/not appropriate for what has become a historical (commercial) landmark and venue.

General Care


Like any house, modern conveniences must be maintained and even improved. From simple upkeep we all encounter in our homes to measures needed for ADA Federal regulation compliance.

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