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Log Restoration Complete at the Buchanan Log House

Work has been completed on the original Buchanan Log House building. Plans are under way to work on the 1820 addition. 

Work began in early September 2022, focused on the logs to the left of the chimney in the original lower level of the house. Instead of finding damaged logs behind the wood coverings, an original door was found! It is believed that the door was likely placed there to make it easy to carry wood to the chimney hearth. The logs covering up the door still needed to be replaced but in the process, we uncovered original dowels used in the construction, as well as how the chinking was done between logs. 

Shards of limestone were used to fill up the space followed by a mortar mix of limestone dust, sand, and other material. As part of the restoration process, a similar limestone mix will be used. The proportions have been recommended by the Tennessee Historical Commission, which is a partner in this restoration project.

Work is continuing through November 2022 to rechink the logs and sand and stain the inside to match the rest of the interior logs. 

We are still needing to raise money to continuing to address preservation issues on the Buchanan Log House and other log structures on the property.


We have established our Preservation Partner level of giving. Your $250 donation will be earmarked specifically to be used for log preservation. Please consider donating to help us preserve this historic structure!

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