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Tours & Walking Tour Challenge

Built in 1807, the Buchanan Log House is on the National Register of Historical Places as one of the oldest log homes in Middle Tennessee, and is older than Belair Mansion, Two Rivers Mansion, The Hermitage, or Clover Bottom Mansion.

First, imagine 1810. It is amazing to think back 200+ years for a minute -- try picturing yourself, your family and friends on a working farm of 1810. You probably know how to ride. Your milk comes from a cow in the barn, cornmeal comes straight from a mill, and someone you know spun the cotton for your clothes. 


Walking out the back door and looking around, you picture the original property with its detached kitchen with a medicinal herb garden, a well, smokehouse, spring house, barns, pens, cribs, wood pile, wagons, quarters for farm help, a privy and livestock.

Now, walk our grounds and take our walking tour challenge - see if you can find the unique items shown in the photo gallery below (read about the related skills required). 


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Being a national landmark brings some unique aspects. We know you and your guests will enjoy our beautiful historical site, and only ask that you do so with respect.
Hand-wrought iron lock.
Chinking and corner log crowns.
Hand-wrought (square head) nails.
What are these strange symbols?
Wooden pegs held joints before nails
Raw muscle created these adz marks.
Why is there a row of nails here?
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