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The Buchanan Grounds 

Log buildings offer a unique window into the past that holds an allure for all of us -- perhaps because they speak of a simpler time and close family. The Buchanan Complex consists of four buildings, all 1800s log construction and standing on a Revolutionary War Veteran's land grant property:

  1. The main Buchanan Log House and Gazebo

  2. The Addison Museum

  3. The Buchanan History Center

  4. The Smokehouse

Visual evidence tells us that the Buchanan Log House was constructed of high craftsmanship and materials for its time. View photo journal

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buchanan outdoor stage

Family Events & Meetings

(Left) Buchanan Log House, First Floor


Visual evidence tells us that the Buchanan log house was constructed of high craftsmanship and materials for its time. Lack of carpenter tools in the property inventory after the house was built also suggests construction was performed by a trained carpenter and crew. Costly features such as the large stone chimneys, the two-story height, and multiple windows on an early house indicate an owner of above average means.  [ Architectural History, PDF ]  

The two-room first floor has a 10-foot ceiling with exposed beaded poplar floor joists.​

A "ladder" stairway led to the upstairs room, often referred to as "Lucinda's room", which still features the original fireplace with an unusual arched limestone lintel marked by an incised keystone, Even with this new section the total floor space is only about 1,430 square feet -- and there would be eight more little Buchanans!

(Left) The Addison House, log corner of house, and backdoor.

(Below) The History Center.

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Please Be Aware
- Our grounds do include a large handicap-accessible restroom.
- Areas of our grounds have stairs/steps and narrow access.
- Being a national landmark brings some unique aspects. We know you and your guests will enjoy our beautiful historical site, and only ask that you do so with respect.

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