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Are James and Lucinda Still at Buchanan Log House?

Recently, Nightsong Paranormal brought in all their equipment and spent the evening recording events at Buchanan Log House and on the grounds. They saw and heard a lot!

Take a Virtual Tour of Buchanan Log House and Addison Museum

A huge thank you to Middle TN State University students for creating this virtual tour!

Buchanan Log House Grounds

BLH road2.jpg
Buchanan Log House

Hand-hewn from extinct hardwood logs, this early Donelson frontier home was actually seeded in 1780.

Addison Museum

A son's log home is relocated to the original Donelson homestead, and serves as a glimpse of frontier life in 1840s.

Buchanan Family Cemetery

Beloved for 200+ years, at least seven generations of Buchanan descendants rest on this grassy Donelson knoll.

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