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6 Things Most Visitors Miss

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

#6 : That the original property was a working farm that would have included a detached kitchen with a medicinal herb garden, a well, smokehouse, spring house, barns, pens, cribs, wood pile, wagons, quarters for farm help, a privy and livestock.

#5 : Door knobs are great indicators of the many periods of home advancements over the last 200 years.

#4 : Original hand-carved round wooden pegs at log joints (in the era before readily-available nails).

#3 : The adz hew marks in front room wall logs (which used to be an outside wall).

#2 : The frontier hand-wrought (square) horseshoe nails in the front porch.

#1 : The unexplained hand-chiseled emblem in Lucinda's limestone fireplace (below). Very unique (3 small circles above a larger circle with a small circle below).

What is this emblem?

The exact meaning and intent is long lost but the best explanation suggests it is either Masonic related or could illustrate moon phases.

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